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Silver Producing Countries

Silver is mined in many different countries around the world. The major silver producing countries are: Mexico, Peru, China, Australia, Chile, Poland, Russia, Bolivia, USA, and Canada. Manu other countries also mine silver.

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Unique Silver Rings and Sizes

From Ancient times to this day, the ring has been perhaps the most commonly worn piece of personal jewelry for both men and women.

Women silver rings speaks. It says, “I am married” or “I am not available”. It is an important part of every culture, no matter where you live or what language you speak.

Jewelry by design are also part of the fashion world and can be either plain and simple or highly decorative in a thousand different ways.

Shablool Silver Jewelry Design produce rings of all types, both functional and decorative. A Shablool Unique Ring speaks for itself.

It tells the world that the wearer is selective when it comes to purchasing jewelry.

Once you have selected your choice of ring (like silver and cubic zirconia rings for example), you have to find the correct size for you: the ring must sit comfortably on your finger, must be easy to slip on, must not slip off on its own and of course, must look great on your hand.

Ring size is not the same as finger size. A professional jeweler can determine proper ring size using a set of steel gauge-rings.

These “ring sizers” come in narrow and wide widths. Other methods, such as measuring the finger with a strip of paper, or slipping the finger through pre-cut "measuring holes," are inaccurate.

There are many factors that can affect ring size such as: the menstrual cycle, temperature, humidity, water retention, and exercise. Fingers change throughout the course of the day due to diet, work or temperature and surely this affects the results of gauge rings. It is recommended that fingers will be measured at the end of the day, when they are at their largest diameters.

The best strategy for ring size measurement is to purchase calipers that measure inside diameters. A tightly-calipered measurement should then be taken of various rings that fit firmly on your finger; these should be noted and the corresponding size recorded. The mandrel, the tapered ring-measuring rod, should be regarded as only half-accurate.

A wider band can be worn more loosely. Large knuckles/hands should wear a slightly loose ring, while slimmer knuckles/smaller hands will require a tighter ring. Some rings can be re-sized, but many cannot. Therefore, if you are ordering Unique Rings from catalog or internet or any place you cannot physically try on the ring, demand that the seller provide the inner diameter of a ring so you will know if it fits.

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Facts About Silver

Here is some facts about silver

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Stones & Minerals

Learn more about the colors of Stones & Minerals

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The Secrets of the stones- Astrology

Along history, many had linked different stones to certain periods of the year. This eventually led to connecting the many stones to months of the year and then birthdates. The use of rocks according to birthdates became common in 18th centuryEurope.

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Silver Cleaning

Methods of cleaning silver should be determined by it's value, monetary or sentimental, and the design of the pattern.

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Silver Casting

Theoretically anyone can cast silver at home – as long as you have the proper equipment. The easiest system is "lost wax" casting. The process is called this way because the wax mould you made melts away and is "lost". Beware! You will be working with very hot and very fast-moving equipment. A much better - and safer - system is to visit the showroom of Shablool Silver Jewelry Design Ltd. and select a piece of cast jewelry made by one of their expert silversmiths. All Shablool’s silver jewelry is cast.

The manufacturing process begins with the designer whose sole objective is to produce a stunning piece of Sterling Silver jewelry. Like every work of art this piece will be examined critically from every point of view and by every available critic. Modifications and improvements may be made until everyone is satisfied that the article is perfect. After the piece is ready, the mold-maker takes over, making a mould for the casting of the item. A range of materials can be used in making the mould, from fine-grain sand, plaster of paris, clay or even metal.

The casting process consists of melting of the silver itself in a kiln or crucible at a high temperature until the silver is liquid, then you have the delicate operation of pouring the liquid silver into the mould through carefully designed and positioned openings. A cooling period is needed for the piece and then the silversmith, with his or her fine touch, takes the casting and removes any roughness and brings the piece to perfect smoothness and shine.

Finally, a polisher will handle the piece, and working with the finest of polishing tools and materials will bring the silver jewelry to perfection. The next time you see this piece of Shablool silver jewelry design it will be coming down the runway in New York or Hong Kong at one of the world’s top fashion shows.

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